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Electric scooter

Designing and building an Electric Scooter platform.

From which anyone can make there own Electric Scooter from their own needs. Using standard MTB parts for the chassis and almost any configuration on the electric side.

Battery pack finished

A123 battery pack Posted on Tue, October 04, 2016 09:05:34

The battery pack is finished.

Building the pack

A123 battery pack Posted on Sun, April 10, 2016 14:17:35

All the 24 cells are connected.

BMS and cell board

A123 battery pack Posted on Thu, March 17, 2016 22:25:01

A 1:1 cable from Adaptto BMS board to the two cell boards.

The BMS board is for 28S and will be break out to 24S.

PCB for the battery pack

A123 battery pack Posted on Fri, March 11, 2016 20:11:37

Today I got the PCB’s for the battery pack. It’s looking great!

A123 20Ah cells

A123 battery pack Posted on Wed, February 10, 2016 22:05:18

I got hold of 24 pcs A123 20Ah pouch cells and will build a battery pack with these instead of Headway. 33% more energy and less space. The only downside is that I need to figure out a way to connect them.

I will make 2 pcs of 12S1P pack and design a PCB to connect them to.

Adaptto controller

Parts Posted on Wed, February 10, 2016 21:54:09

The motor controller from Adaptto (Mini-E) has arrived.

Torque plates

Prototype Posted on Tue, January 26, 2016 22:31:39

Got the torque plates manufactured from a local supplier.

Wheel assembly

Prototype Posted on Tue, December 29, 2015 15:33:28

Approx. 160 mm ground clearance with no load.

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